Mystery Box 1.0

Exclusive Mystery Box 1.0

You have a chance to receive a Chase or Exclusive in this Mystery Box!


Only 25 Pops Available!  Pick your own box number!  All boxes are pre-packaged and ready to ship!


Please see the odds listed below & which exclusives you have a chance to receive.  Please note that you may receive a common Pop as well.


*There are NO duplicates, so you can increase your odds at getting that Chase or Exclusive!*  Don't be scared to buy more than one box.


Pops in the picture you have a chance at recieving:

  • AUTOGRAPHED HUDSON Pop! - Autographed by Kurt Lehner
  • Specialty Series - Superman
  • Chase - Coraline in Raincoat
  • Chase - Louie
  • Funko Shop - Mr. Monopoly
  • Funko Shop - Rory w/ Predator Mask
  • Target - Winter Soldier
  • Target - Iron Man
  • 2018 Summer Convention - Western Rick
  • 2018 Summer Convention - Western Morty
  • Gamestop Funko Insider Club - Sora (dual blasters)
  • 2018 Spring Convention (Box Lunch) - Army Man



Exclusive or Chase - 12/25

Common - 13/25


*Please note:  You may receive a common pop (one that is not pictured).  Do not purchase if you are not comfortable with this. 

Mystery Box 1.0